Instant delivery is now available in Utah

Partnering with Intermountain Healthcare

Zipline is excited to offer an instant delivery experience in Utah via our fast, autonomous, and sustainable drones. Our distribution center serves the greater Salt Lake area.

Zipline will provide convenient, on-demand delivery for a variety of pharmacy items, in partnership with Intermountain Healthcare.

Choose from your favorite over-the-counter medicine brands — painkillers, cough syrup, lozenges, and more.

How do I sign up for free?

Step 1. You provide some quick information.

Step 2. We find a safe spot in your yard.

Step 3: Once approved, you start ordering.

Our Mission

Zipline’s mission is to create the first logistics system that services all people equally.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are packages delivered?

Packages are outfitted with a special parachute, which brings the package safely and securely to the ground.

How fast do Zips fly?

Zips have a cruising speed of about 60 miles per hour.

How big is a Zip?

Zips have a wingspan of 10 feet and are 6 feet long.

How much can a Zip carry?

Zips can currently carry up to 4 pounds. Larger orders will be split across multiple flights.

How are Zips powered?

Zips use rechargeable electric batteries, resulting in zero tailpipe emissions. As a whole system, Zipline emits 96% less CO2 than an average gas car making a delivery.

Do Zips have cameras on them?

Some of our aircraft in Arkansas and Utah are equipped with aviation cameras on their wings to deepen our understanding of the airspace. Aviation cameras – on top of ADS-B and our other safety systems – can provide an even greater ability for us to deconflict the airspace and fly as safely as possible.

Unlike the cameras on personal photography drones, the cameras on our aircraft are made for aviation safety purposes, are designed to see and avoid obstacles like cell phone towers and trees, and are intended to maintain privacy.

How high do Zips fly?

Zips cruise around 300-400 feet above ground level. When delivering a package, Zips descend to about 60-80 feet above the ground.

How safe is delivery by drone?

Safety is Zipline’s main priority. Zips are equipped with redundant safety systems to detect and avoid any threat of danger in the air and on the ground. Along with their ability to quickly and smoothly deliver packages at a moment’s notice, Zips can do so without the risk of delays as a result of roadway congestion, traffic accidents, unforeseen detours, and traffic accidents. Read more.

How Zipline deliveries work

Order icon

When you place an order using Zipline, it's packed in a custom box equipped with a parachute and loaded in a Zip for delivery.

Launch icon

Once the Zip is on its way, you'll receive a delivery notification with a 15-minute delivery window and a link to track your order. You can order on-demand or schedule a delivery at a specific time that works best for you.

Delivery icon

Once the Zip drops off your package, it will automatically return to the distribution center to for its next deliveries.

Safe and reliable service

For now, we'll only be flying in Utah when there are good weather conditions, but our Zips have been flying for years to make sure they can safely deliver in rain and snow, extremely hot or cold weather, and even heavy winds.

Fun Fact

Each day, on average, our Zips around the world fly the equivalent of the Earth's circumference.