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Doing what we can to fight period poverty.

In 2017, 18% of young girls and women in Rwanda were not able to attend school because they could not afford sanitary products. One of our team members, Christelle, was on a trip visiting with one of the hospitals in our network. She and the hospital’s staff were discussing the issue of period poverty.

They came up with the idea to replace the protective air inserts in Zipline’s packages with sanitary pads. Zipline could help distribute and stock local communities with sanitary products for their young girls and women with every delivery we make. At that moment the idea could have been dismissed or thrown in the backlog, but instead it was immediately brought back to the rest of the team.

There was immediate enthusiasm in support for the project and a small group started testing the feasibility. Within a few weeks we worked to validate a new procedure for packaging using sanitary pads. We also coordinated with our upstream suppliers to get the new products, communicated with the health facilities to teach them about the new initiative, and helped identify local schools near each of the facilities to be the end recipient.

Through all of the work we take on, there’s always the underlying theme of serving our species. We’re always asking ourselves how we can do more. This is just one small anecdote of a Zipliner’s unconditional drive to serve our species.

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