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There's nowhere else quite like Zipline

Solve problems that matter. Work with people who care. Feel proud of your work.

Our values drive 
everything we do

The standard of care.

The standard of care.

Zipline’s standard of care is simple: be reliable, all the time, and treat every customer delivery as though it is meant for someone you love. Whether you are testing new hardware, developing software, packing an order, or repairing an aircraft, you are a critical link in the chain. There is no work at Zipline that doesn’t connect to this journey.  When every one of us, at every step, does our best, only then can we lay our heads on our pillows at night and feel good about the way we showed up. 

World-class benefits

We go above and beyond to offer our team amazing benefits. The specifics vary by country.

  • Generous parental leaveGenerous parental leave
  • Generous vacation policyGenerous vacation policy
  • Monthly wellness stipendMonthly wellness stipend
  • Monthly team eventsMonthly team events
  • Healthcare, vision, and dentalHealthcare, vision, and dental
  • Healthy, delicious meals and snacksHealthy, delicious meals and snacks
  • Dog-friendly officesDog-friendly offices
Our investors

Working with us means working with those that support us.

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