Instant Drone Delivery

Need something quick? Skip the line.

Zipline has partnered with Walmart in Arkansas to deliver groceries, clothes, electronics, and other last-minute essentials via Zips (our autonomous drones). Sign up now and start getting your Walmart orders delivered instantly.

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Here’s how it works.

1. Get your delivery address approved.

Enter your home address for review. If your address is eligible, you'll receive an email with more details.

2. Order your items for instant delivery.
3. Watch your package gently float to the ground.

Zipline is the world’s largest autonomous delivery company.

Since 2016, Zipline has delivered millions of goods across the globe. We operate in seven countries, including three states right here in the USA. Currently we're only delivering to local residents of the Salt Lake City area using our Platform 1 Zips. In the future, we hope to deliver even more items to more homes in Utah with our new Platform 2 Zips.

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A few frequently asked questions.

What is the delivery experience like?

Our Zips stay about 300 ft in the air, descending only slightly to release your cookies, carefully packaged and equipped with a parachute to ensure a gentle delivery into your yard.

How much can I order?

Our Platform 1 Zips can carry up to 4 pounds. We can send multiple Zips for larger orders, but products heavier than 4 pounds need to be picked up in-store or delivered the old fashioned way.

How do Zips know where to deliver?

Our Zips use GPS technology and autonomous onboard navigation to fly to the right place at the right time.

Do Zips have cameras on them?

Some of our aircraft are equipped with visual sensors to deepen our understanding of the airspace and flight paths. These sensors – on top of ADS-B and our other safety systems – can provide an even greater ability for us to deconflict the airspace and fly as safely as possible. ‍ Unlike personal photography drones, the sensors onboard our aircraft are used for aircraft safety purposes, and are intended to maintain privacy. They help us see and avoid obstacles like cell phone towers and trees while flying autonomously.

How are Zips powered?

Zips use rechargeable electric batteries. They have zero tailpipe emissions and are better for the planet than traditional car delivery.