Zipline drone dropping a package

On-Demand Delivery
for a Patient-Centered World

US Healthcare + Zipline

A Better Delivery Experience for Patients and Providers.

Putting the patient first requires more flexible and responsive health logistics. Zipline provides on-demand delivery at the scale and reliability modern healthcare needs.

Learn more about how Zipline’s services benefit health systems and pharmacies.

  • Fast and Precise

    We offer a better experience by delivering within windows that are measured in minutes, not hours. Patients and providers know in real-time where their delivery is, and can choose when it arrives, whether right away or at the exact time that’s convenient for them.

  • Reliable and Safe

    We embed safety in every aspect of our operations. Zipline is the global leader in drone delivery, and we work with independent labs to ensure that products we deliver are as safe, or safer, with Zipline as they are with ground transportation. Learn more about how Zipline’s service works.

  • Scalable and Cost-Effective

    We offer drone delivery as a service so that you can focus on your patients and providers. Each Zipline distribution center can make hundreds of deliveries per day at prices that are competitive with ground transportation.

Man and Woman discussing prescriptions with a doctor via telemedicine at home

Health Systems

Provide care anywhere with on-demand delivery

Patients increasingly expect healthcare to be as convenient as everyday consumer services. That means providers need to offer more choice about when and where patients can receive care. Zipline’s on-demand delivery allows health systems to efficiently provide more health services closer to the patient.

  • Hospital at Home

    A patient is admitted into your hospital at home program. Zipline delivers medications, supplies, and devices precisely when 
    they’re needed.

  • Virtual Visits

    A patient has a virtual consultation with her provider, who determines she needs a prescription. Your outpatient pharmacy fills the prescription and it’s delivered via Zipline 30 minutes later. The patient never has to leave her home.

  • Specialty Pharmaceutical Delivery

    Patients want to manage their health while still leading full lives. On-demand delivery means patients can choose exactly when and where to receive their critical medications.

Man inspecting several prescriptions at home


Offer patients easier access to their medications

On-demand delivery is becoming the standard for many consumer services, 
but pharmacies are lagging behind. Empower patients by letting them decide when to receive their prescriptions.

  • Hospital Pharmacies

    Hospital pharmacies have an increasingly important role as health systems assume more risk, since medication adherence is a major factor in patient health outcomes. Zipline will help you scale on-demand prescription delivery cost-effectively, so you can track refills and changes to medication in real-time to maintain continuity of care and avoid costly readmissions.

  • Specialty Pharmacies

    Patients often go to extraordinary lengths to receive delivery of their prescriptions, which are still sometimes left unattended or returned to an uncontrolled warehouse to sit overnight. Zipline offers your central fill pharmacy on-demand delivery so patients can ensure they are home, reducing medication spoilage and preventing gaps in treatment.

  • Infusion Therapy Services

    Providing care locally saves money and is convenient for patients. Zipline can deliver infusion supplies and injectables to remote clinics or patient homes on-demand, so providers can focus on treating patients more comfortably and 

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