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Reach More Patients 
with Clinical Research 
and New Medicines

Life Sciences + Zipline

Expand the Reach of Your Healthcare Innovations

Life science companies struggle to reach patients across the globe. In emerging markets, reliable supply chains compliant with Good Distribution Practice are often limited to capital cities and other affluent areas. By partnering with Zipline, life science companies can not only reach more communities, but can also gain more visibility into the needs of more patients. In the United States, Zipline’s home delivery capabilities create an unprecedented opportunity to deliver medical items with convenience and ease.

Zipline Operators in the warehouse

High Quality 
End-to-End Supply Chain 
in Emerging Markets

  • Reliable Logistics, Warehousing, and Customer Experience Infrastructure

    In emerging markets, reliable supply chain partners are difficult to find. Zipline provides warehousing and transportation logistics that are compliant with Good Distribution Practice and staffed by a talented team of pharmacists and customer success representatives. Whether you need reliable drug supply for a clinical trial, or instant delivery of specialty medicines to hospitals, Zipline can provide end-to-end support for 
    your commodities.

  • Gain Visibility into 
    the Needs of Doctors 
    and their Communities

    Zipline’s high-touch relationship with thousands of health facilities and providers (doctors, nurses, pharmacists) helps us identify which parts of the health system present opportunities for growth. Provider-level demand data for specialty products in emerging markets could help identify new trial sites, new recruiting sites, and new high-performing investigators for clinical trials. Data on which facilities are underperforming can help commercial and government partners target physician education resources to the providers that need the most support.

  • Zipline Operator takes inventory
    Zipline Operator prepares a package for delivery
  • Provide Access to 
    a Wider Set of Products

    Reliably expand the portfolio of products that physicians and health facilities can receive on a regular basis. Because small and suburban healthcare practices are often ignored by traditional delivery methods, many healthcare providers lack the products or supplies they need to treat patients effectively. This often results in patients forgoing further treatment or experiencing worse conditions simply because of access.

  • Reach More Patients Outside of Urban Areas

    Traditional logistics companies can provide delivery in capital cities, but outside of urban areas, quality and visibility quickly disappears. Zipline extends the reach of current solutions without compromising on quality.

Patient-centered home delivery in the United States

  • Provide Suburban and 
    Rural Patients with Fast, 
    On-Demand Delivery 
    to their Homes

    Providing convenient, on-demand delivery to the home can increase adherence and access for patients with chronic conditions. Many patients are mobility impaired, have jobs that require long hours, or will simply prefer the convenience of an instant delivery at the push of a button. By providing the world’s most convenient drug delivery experience, life science companies can ensure their therapies are having the greatest impact.

  • Develop Drug 
    Supply Capabilities for 
    Decentralized and 
    Siteless Clinical Trials

    Zipline can establish clinical supply chain to non-traditional sites and patient homes while giving recipients control to select a precise delivery window. During a clinical trial, a clinical research associate or nurse can instantly receive the proper dose of investigational medical product once the patient is ready. This is not possible via current methods. Traditional couriers and nurse-enabled transportation of clinical trial drugs are too expensive, introduce potential quality issues, or have wide delivery windows that defeat the patient-centered goal of decentralized trials.

“I visited Zipline and got to launch a drone myself, and it drove home for me that when it comes to tackling some of the longstanding challenges in public health, such as access, data and tech are already accelerating progress. One Zipline center can move around one ton of medicine daily across large swaths of countries like Ghana, and among other things, Novartis is working with Zipline in our effort to tackle sickle cell disease.”

Vas Narasimhan
CEO, Novartis

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