"I used to see the drones fly and think they must be mad, until the same drone saved my life."
Alice Mutimutuje
Mother, Rwanda

Where You Live Shouldn’t Determine Whether You Live

Global Public Health + Zipline

Bring Universal Health Coverage 
Within Everyone’s Reach

Despite billions in funding and decades of hard work, stockout and expiry rates remain stubbornly high in many public health systems. Cold-chain and short shelf-life commodities — such as blood products, vaccines, and injectables — are especially problematic. These stockouts cause missed opportunities for preventive interventions, unnecessary emergency trips, urban hospital overcrowding, and preventable deaths.

  • Immediate Resupply of Stocked-out Products

    When a health facility runs out of something a patient needs, Zipline can deliver it — fast enough that most patients won’t realize the product wasn’t on the shelf to begin with. The result is universal availability of every product for every person who needs it at every 
    facility in the system.

    Medical products being weighed before delivery
  • Better Emergency Care

    Many health systems can’t afford to keep expensive cold-chain products like platelets, antivenin, oxytocin, blood products, and second-line treatments in stock at every health facility. Zipline is the first technology to make universal availability of these products cost-effective, because it allows health systems to centralize emergency product stocks and provide them to facilities across the network on demand, fast enough to save lives.

    Zipline Operator picking blood units
  • Guaranteed Cold Chain

    Zipline’s cold chain solution has been rigorously 
    tested for integrity in the harshest environments. Vaccine extensionists and other health workers can focus on treating patients, rather than worrying about how to maintain cold chain out to rural service delivery points or how to restock if they run short during an 
    immunization campaign.

    Zipline Operator scanning a cold chain product
  • Improved 
    Health Outcomes

    Better medical product availability equals better health. With Zipline, national health systems and their development partners can:

    • Lower maternal and infant mortality

    • Reduce avoidable deaths from trauma, snakebites, and other emergencies

    • Increase vaccination rates

    • Increase patient adherence to treatment plans

    Child being treated with a vaccine
  • Value for Money

    Zipline allows even the most efficiency-minded health systems to offer universal medical product availability. By investing in Zipline’s technology, health systems will see cost savings in other areas, including:

    • Reduced overstocking, waste due to cold chain interruptions, and expiries

    • Reduced patient referrals

    • Fewer emergency trips

    “We can avoid expiries, we can avoid stockouts, because the supply chain has improved. Blood is life. Blood is saving the lives of Rwandans.”
    Dr. Diane Gashumba
    Minister of Health, Government of Rwanda

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