Aviation policy expert Lauren Haertlein joins Zipline

San Francisco, CA — October 21, 2021 — Zipline, the global instant logistics leader, announced today that Lauren Haertlein will join Zipline as its Aviation Regulatory Counsel. As a member of Zipline’s regulatory and legal affairs team, Haertlein brings extensive experience in the aviation industry to the company as it eyes continued expansion. 

“The future of autonomous aircraft in the US is bright, and Lauren understands both the promise and the challenge of growing in this nascent space,” said Okeoma Moronu, Head of Zipline’s Aviation Regulatory and Legal Affairs. “Lauren brings an invaluable perspective on how to effectively navigate the future of regulation in the US and beyond. Her guidance will ensure Zipline moves forward and works with regulatory bodies towards safe and impactful outcomes with our partners, customers, and communities.”

Haertlein will provide key insight into the regulatory, safety, and policy landscape as Zipline pushes toward widespread autonomous aircraft delivery in the United States. Her extensive experience in aviation will prove vital as Zipline takes on the complex challenge of navigating this new frontier around the world.

“I began my legal career in healthcare, and found opportunities to bring my regulatory experience to another passion of mine, aviation,” said Haertlein. “I am excited to join a team innovating in both aviation and healthcare, and using aviation to improve healthcare. Zipline has already proven the value of its service by creating equitable access to vital supplies in countries like Rwanda and Ghana. There is enormous opportunity in the future of autonomous aviation for the US - and beyond.”

Haertlein previously worked at the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) as General Counsel and Director, Safety & Regulatory Affairs. GAMA functions to foster the welfare, safety, interests, and activities surrounding the global general aviation industry. Lauren also serves on the FAA Women in Aviation Advisory Board, which is developing strategies to encourage women to pursue careers in aviation. A graduate of Tufts University and Duke University School of Law, Haertlein is a commercial pilot and combines her experience in the aviation industry with a love for flying to advance the future of aviation. 

About Zipline

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