Zipline drone taking off

Safe, Fast, Precise, & Magical

As the only drone delivery company operating at national scale in multiple countries, Zipline brings a unique combination of industry-leading technology and expertise to meet your large-scale delivery needs.

  • Part Fulfillment Center, 
    Part Droneport

    Zipline operates from distribution centers placed at the center of each region of service. Part medical warehouse, part drone airport, each distribution center can make hundreds of deliveries each day to any point within a 22,500+ square kilometer (8,750+ square mile) service area. Create a national delivery network with a series of distribution centers.

    Medical products being weighed before delivery
  • The Delivery Experience

    Zipline works with our clients to design a delivery experience that meets their needs. Where valuable, Zipline provides third-party logistics (3PL) services, holding our customers’ products in our warehouse to minimize the lead time between order and delivery for end recipients. In these instances, Zipline employs highly trained staff, including licensed pharmacists, to pick and pack orders on our clients’ behalf. Zipline also cross-docks packages that are prepared by our clients in instances like home prescription delivery where it is more efficient to fill patient specific prescriptions centrally.


  • Step 1

    Receipt of Client Product

    Zipline receives inventory from our clients to be held at our distribution centers.

  • Step 2


    Zipline receives an order by phone, text, or web form. Orders can be scheduled in advance or placed on demand for just-in-time delivery.

  • Step 3

    Zipline Prepares Package

    A Zipline fulfillment technician or pharmacist immediately begins preparing the product for delivery. Our packaging maintains cold chain and protects fragile products during delivery.

    Cross Dock

  • Step 1

    Client Prepares Package

    Our clients prepare packages that range from kits for health facilities to patient-specific prescriptions. Prepackaged orders are consolidated and sent to Zipline.

  • Step 2


    Zipline receives prepackaged orders from our clients. Any packages containing cold chain products are placed in cold storage to await delivery.

  • Step 3

    Arrange Delivery

    End recipients schedule delivery, whether right away or at a time that’s convenient for them.

  • Step 4


    The drone is packed, prepped, and launched in minutes.

  • Step 5


    The drone releases the package with a small parachute above a predetermined point convenient to the customer. The drone adjusts its release point based on real-time wind data so that the package floats safely and precisely to its destination.

  • Step 6


    After delivery the drone returns and is quickly prepped to fly again.

How Rwanda Built A Drone Delivery Service
Real Engineering, 11:45

Industry-Leading Technology

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Designed for Scale and
Real-World Conditions

  • Hundreds of deliveries 
    per day 

    Each distribution center can move nearly one ton of inventory per day.

  • Around the world every 24 hours

    Zipline flies more than 40,000 km (over 25,000 mi) each day. We've hardened our systems with over 6,000,000 km flown to real customers.

  • Rain or shine

    Proven to work in extremes: from the hot California desert to the rainy mountains of Rwanda. Zipline's drones fly through real-world weather, day and night.

  • 100 km/h 
    (60+ mph) 
    cruising speed

    Zipline’s fixed-wing drone is designed to move product quickly over long distances.

  • 80 km 
    (50+ mi) 
    service radius

    A single Zipline distribution center provides instant medical access 
    to millions.

  • 1.75 kg 
    (3.85 lb) 

    A single flight can deliver up to 3 units of blood. For larger orders, multiple drones are sent at the same time.

Zipline's World Class Drone Safety Features
Zipline, 3:11

Safety and Reliability

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Zipline’s reliability has earned the trust of health workers who have grown to rely on Zipline for delivery during emergencies, and the partnership of national civil aviation authorities, who collaborate with Zipline to operate a safe, modern airspace every day. We take these responsibilities very seriously.

Safety is Zipline’s top priority at every stage, starting with the design of our vehicle. Zipline has built redundancy into all major systems — like motors, power, communications, and navigation — to ensure that our drones can safely fly even if there is an unexpected failure. A parachute landing system that slowly lowers the drone to the ground can be deployed as a last resort.