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Unmatched agility and scale

Zipline’s purpose-built inventory management and order fulfillment software ensure inventory is tracked and traced from end to end. Digital workflow processes reduce human error in data logging and ensure data accuracy.

Guaranteed product quality

Zipline’s best-in-class warehouses and handling protocols ensure the highest standard of care and availability of cold-chain, fragile, and unique medical supplies.

Real-time visibility

Zipline’s purpose-built inventory management and order fulfillment software ensure inventory is tracked and traced at every moment through digital workflow processes; no data is ever self-reported and there is no opportunity for human error.

Read about our impact evaluation

The results of the impact evaluation undertaken by IDinsight and Zipline, and funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, are now available. 

Adaptable healthcare logistics solutions

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Warehousing & Inventory Management

Zipline designs, builds, and operates world-class pharmaceutical and medical-grade warehouses, each managing inventory for an unlimited number of points of care.

Distribution & Logistics
Distribution & Logistics

Zipline delivers shipments via the fastest and most reliable instant logistics service, using the only scaled autonomous aircraft network in the world.

Data & Performance Management
Data & Performance Management

Zipline’s complete, accurate, time and location tagged dataset drives supply chain performance and continuous operational improvement across health systems.

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Case studies
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Transforming Rwanda's blood supply chain


Rwanda's four regional centers (RCBTs) were seeking innovative ways to scale up an even, quick, efficient, and equitable distribution of blood across the country, while also controlling inventory levels and keeping spoilage low. 


In 2016, the government of Rwanda partnered with Zipline to streamline blood distribution in the world’s first application of instant logistics at scale. Five years later, Rwanda has scaled the program nationwide. Zipline delivers specialized blood components and medicines to over 350 Rwandan health facilities and handles over 75% of blood distribution outside of the capital, Kigali. The partnership has allowed RCBTs to increase their focus on donor collection and light processing. As a result, RCBTs have increased throughput by 2-3x and Zipline has helped reduce wastage by 95% while providing universal access to blood and specialized blood products and other essential medicines.

How it works

End-to-end supply chain system

Every day, Zipline distribution centers around the world are changing the way that healthcare supply chains operate, and how care is delivered. Simple. Fast. Effective.

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