Zipline’s COVID-19 Response

The COVID-19 pandemic is the greatest global challenge faced in generations. As the world mobilizes to combat the spread of this deadly disease, an important tool in the fight is drone delivery.

Zipline is helping our public, private, and philanthropic partners around the world develop and execute national-scale responses to COVID-19. Zipline drone delivery complements truck delivery for vaccines, medicines, and supplies — helping to keep people at home and manage scarce supplies for health workers.

As new treatments and vaccines become available in the next 18-24 months, they will continue to be in scarce supply amid growing global demand. Zipline’s medical drone delivery service could help make sure distribution is targeted in real-time, at national-scale, to the people and populations that need it most, helping to save lives and prevent further outbreaks.

Protecting Vulnerable Patients

Acute, chronic and other critical medications can be delivered directly to patients or ambulatory clinics in their neighborhoods. Zipline reduces unnecessary hospital visits and lowers the risk of exposure for non-infected patients by extending the reach of the healthcare system to areas closer to their home. If an elderly or at-risk individual needs their medication, we can help them receive it without an in-person visit.

Delivering Supplies Responsively

Zipline can respond to demand surges and prevent stock-outs by immediately increasing delivery volumes. Each Zipline Distribution Center can make hundreds of deliveries per day anywhere across an 8,000 square mile area. This allows health systems to precisely target the distribution of more than two tons of critical and lifesaving health products, each and every day. If a health worker needs a single mask, we can cost effectively deliver it within minutes.

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