If I had not gotten the blood, I would have lost my life.

François Mukeshimana

Muhanga District, Rwanda

Rwanda saw an opportunity to use Zipline to deliver blood products to 21 transfusing facilities. Together, we launched the world’s first drone delivery system operating at national scale in October 2016.

Hospitals used to take multiple hours to pick up blood at a regional center.

Now blood is delivered directly to the facility in less than 30 minutes.

Ultimately, Rwanda’s vision is to put all 12 million citizens within 30 minutes of any essential medical products.

Every second you gain in saving life is critical. The fact that Zipline was a solution… we didn’t hesitate.

Dr. Diane Gashumba

Minister of Health, Rwanda

Patient Stories

Since we launched in October 2016, thousands of units of blood have been delivered and every delivery has a story.

Emerence Uwamwezi

“They told me to come and see those drones that saved my child’s life… what happened touched me a lot.”

Emerence's 7-month-old child (Noella) was diagnosed with malaria, which led to severe anemia. The hospital was out of blood and ordered from Zipline. Two days later, family and friends showed Noella the life-saving drones in the sky.

Jackline Ugirambabazi

“I’m grateful for the way Zipline is saving people, especially women during childbirth.”

After giving birth, Jackline became very sick and needed a transfusion. She received it just 30 minutes later.

Claudine Ndayishime

“It was because of Zipline that I was able to regain consciousness. They delivered the blood in a few minutes.”

Claudine had a complication during her C-section and the hospital did not have her blood type in stock. She went into a coma. Thankfully Claudine survived when blood was delivered minutes later.

We're just getting started

We have a vision to build an instant delivery system for the planet, and together we can make that a reality.